Rebellion Knoll Women’s Institute

Rebellion Knoll W.I. was formed in 1975 and 2015 was our 40th Anniversary. We would encourage all ladies in the village, of any age, to consider joining us. You would be very welcome just contact either of our members listed below.

Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month at the Methodist Hall on Towngate. The first half hour enables us to cover any business and then we have a speaker or activity to follow.

Our programme for 2022-23 is set out below.

14 September 2022Singing Workshop

Naomi Baynes


12 October 2022You can really achieve anything if it matters enough.

Kate Allatt


9 November 2022Making a Christmas Wreath demonstration

Marianne Slater


14 December2022Christmas Meal


11 January 2023Play reading

Gillian Nowell


8 February 2023Wildlife photography from my garden

Peter Bull


8 March 2023Dry needle felted landscapes

Helen Moyes


12 April 2023My Spiritual Journey

Linda Southwick


11 May 2023AGM and Resolutions


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