Tuesday Walkers

Bradwell Tuesday Walkers

Bradwell Tuesday Walkers meet every Tuesday on Town Lane at 10am for a local walk of typically between 4 miles and 6 miles. We are a friendly bunch of around a couple of dozen villagers, and we take it in turns to plan and lead the walks. Sometimes we walk from the village but usually we share cars to the starting point. It is customary for passengers to offer the driver £1 towards petrol costs. Occasionally we take the bus and walk back to Bradwell. The numbers walking on any given Tuesday vary but would typically be around 10, and as Tuesday is a working day most of us are retired or semi-retired. If you fancy joining us, just turn up. Bring a picnic lunch as we always have a lunch break.

The history of the group, which was founded in 1985, is in the book “After Seth”, pages 163-165.