Bradwell Carnival

Carnival day 2019 was on Saturday 3rd August, and the weather once again smiled on us.  The village during the parade was even quieter than last year.  Maybe people are getting tired of it?  But the attendance on Beggar’s Plot field was huge, and in general it was a great day.  The procession this year was even bigger, with a wonderful selection of clever floats and excellent ideas.  This year we were again led by the excellent Castleton Silver Band, and many thanks as ever to them and to everyone who helped, took part, supported the local stalls or simply came to have fun.  The beer tent had ordered even more supplies this year – but they still ran out of everything well before the end. It was extremely frustrating to see the large number of people who again flouted the “no dogs” ordinance, claiming they had not seen any of the numerous signs to that effect at every possible entrance to the field.  Packing away the marquees and cleaning up on the Sunday was therefore made much less pleasant as we had to be careful where we stepped. PLEASE people, this is a children’s playing field!  We don’t like excluding dogs, but the law prohibits dogs for health reasons and it is hard to understand why dog owners consistently refuse to respect it.. As ever, special thanks to all those who helped Council put up and take down the marquees, and a thank you to the new team of people this year, led by Richard and Barbara Burns who organised the field and the numerous attractions which were enjoyed by all.