The White Hart
Tel: 208513

The White Hart is a cosy, warm and welcoming pub in the centre of the village.  It is a traditional drinking pub and is substantially unchanged in the tradition of how pubs used to be.  It is reputed to be the oldest pub in the village and has spectacular views over the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

The pub is owned and operated by Hawthorn Leisure but is managed by Rikk and Jane.  Rikk is a chef and they serve excellent food every day between 5pm and 8pm except Thursdays. See The Menu Below.  Children are welcomed in the pub up to 8pm, although they are not allowed at the bar.

Although the White Hart is a traditional pub, it is tastefully furnished, making it a comfortable place to enjoy a pint or to play darts and dominoes, or to participate in the weekly Quiz (held every Wednesday evening).

Regular visitors to the White Hart have commented: "I wish it was at the top of our road" - "I have visited many pubs and none of them has given me a better welcome" - "the best the pub has been in 10 years!" - "a good pint of Abbot's" - "where farmers, quarrymen and lovers of the arts can share a pint together".  But don't take their word for it, come and see for yourself.  You would be very welcome.

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