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St. Barnabas Church is the splendid home of the Church of England in the centre of the village.  Below is a brief history compiled by the late Kath Chapman, plus some photographs of the church.  Service schedules are as follows:
1st Sunday 10.00am Morning Prayer
2nd Sunday 11.00am  Family Service
3rd and 4th Sundays 9.15am Holy Communion
5th Sunday Joint Benefice service to be held at one of the churches in the Benefice. See Bradwell News for time and location
Every Thursday 10.00am Holy Communion
Special Services and Joint Services  see Church Notice Board or Bradwell News
Abney Occasional Services as announced


1865 The Church Committee in Hope decided a Church should be built in Bradwell.  The site was bought from Col. Charles Leslie, owner of Hassop Hall for £76. 17s. 6p.

1866 A contract was drawn up with Ash and Clayton of Sheffield, to build the Church for £1,252. 15s.

1867 W. Jackson . Esq. M.P. laid the Foundation Stone.

1868 The Church was consecrated.  The seating comprised 120 rush-bottom chairs costing £10.10s.  Rev. R. B. Somerset, Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge , who was born in Bradwell in 1834, gave the Chancel Screens, Pulpit, Communion Rail and Sedalia.

1881 The Vicarage was built on land given by Samuel Fox, a resident of Bradwell and Founder of the Steel Works.

1888 A Tower was added, built by Hedley Hill of Tideswell who carved the gargoyles; the cost was £77. 00.  The Clock Tower was bought with money, (£150-£200), left by Old Benny, a Hawker who had lived in a hut on Bradwell Hills.

Pews made in the workshop of Miss Alison Darneley’s Grandfather replaced the chairs.

1931 Mrs. Fanny Jeffrey gave the Altar and Reredos.

1938 Mrs. Jeffrey also donated a Peal of Bells and Chimes for the Clock in memory of her uncle, Samuel Fox.  In order to operate the Bells, electricity was needed and this was installed in November 1938, at a charge of 1/2d per unit.  The bells were rung for the first time on Christmas Day 1938.

1991 It was agreed to add a meeting room, Kitchen, Cloakroom and Gallery in the West End of the Church.  The total cost was £29,886.00: £10,082.00 of this came from village lotteries.

2009 The start of a fund raising project to raise over £160,000 to replace the Church Roof.


St_Barnabas_Clock_11.jpg (193915 bytes) St_Barnabas_Clock_16.jpg (191795 bytes) St_Barnabas_Clock_9.jpg (226174 bytes)
Clock Winder, Donald Ashbury, who in 2009 had been winding the clock for 46 years One of paper rolls for the Carillon The workings of the clock, still working faithfully after all those years
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