Parish Council Minutes 2007 to 2016

HOME Bradwell Parish Council meets on the first Tuesday of every month except August to discuss matters directly related to life in Bradwell.

Below you can read the minutes for Council meetings held during the years 2007 to 2016.

Annual Parish Meeting 2007 Annual Parish Meeting 2008 Annual Parish Meeting 2009 Annual Parish Meeting 2010 Annual Parish Meeting 2011
PC Meetings 2007 PC Meetings 2008 PC Meetings 2009 PC Meetings 2010 PC Meetings 2011
9th January 8th January 6th January 5th January 4th January     21st January
6th February 5th February 3rd February    16th February 2nd February 1st February
6th March 4th March      19th March 3rd March    17th March 2nd March 1st March        8th March
3rd April 1st April 7th April 6th April    23rd April 5th April
8th May 6th May 5th May    27th May 11th May 10th May
5th June 3rd June 2nd June 1st June 9th June
3rd July       10th July 1st July 7th July 6th July    15th July 5th July     22nd July
4th September 12th August 5th August 10th August 9th August
2nd October 2nd September 1st September 7th September 6th September
6th November 7th October 6th October 5th October 4th October
26th November 4th November 3rd November 2nd Nov   17th Nov 1st November
4th December 2nd December 1st December 7th December 6th December
Annual Parish Meeting 2012 Annual Parish Meeting 2013 Annual Parish Meeting 2014 Annual Parish Meeting 2015 Annual Parish Meeting 2016
PC Meetings 2012 PC Meetings 2013 PC meetings 2014 PC meetings 2015 PC meetings 2016
No Meeting in Jan 8th January 28th January 6th January 5th January
7th February     22nd February 26th February No Meeting 3rd February 2nd February
6th March 26th March 4th March 3rd March 1st March
3rd April 23rd April 2nd April 7th April 5th April
1st May 28th May 6th May     27th May 12th May 3rd May
12th June 25th June 3rd June 2nd June 7th June    14th June
3rd July 23rd July 1st July 7th July 5th July
14th August 27th August 13th August 11th August No Meeting in August
4th September 24th September 2nd September 1st September 6th September
2nd October 22nd October 7th October    29th October 6th October 4th October
6th November 14th November    26th November 4th November 3rd November 1st November
4th December 18th December 2nd December 1st December 6th December
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