Bradwell War Memorial Hall


HOME The War Memorial Hall was built in 1923 to commemorate the ‘village lads’ who lost their lives in the first world war.  The Hall was built using money raised by public subscription to provide a facility for the use of local residents.  In the early years the main activities were dances, whist-drives and a film show twice a week.  

In 1935 a refreshment room was added and in the 1980s this was demolished to make way for a new two storey extension.  Over the years, as tastes and habits have changed, the Hall has been used by many organisations for coffee mornings, jumble sales, badminton and keep fit classes.  The Centenary Players, who are a village amateur dramatics group, put on an annual pantomime and Bradwell Junior School use the main hall for P.E. lessons.  For the last few years the Junior School has also been using the gallery room as a temporary classroom.  

One of the longest running users of the Hall is the Pre-school Group and the doctors from  Tideswell use the Hall as a local surgery.  It is impossible to record all the different types of events that the Hall has been used for, but it certainly has been, and continues to be, a great asset to the village.  In the early 1980s more money was raised to build an extension, consisting of a new kitchen, toilets, meeting rooms and a rear entrance.  In 2002, to comply with current legislation, a special toilet for the disabled and a loop sound system to assist those with hearing difficulties were installed.

Bradwell War Memorial Hall is now a registered charity (Charity Number 517226 and Date of Registration 1986-02-18 )

The Hall is used for Village community Activities including Committee  Meetings, Fairs, Coffee Mornings, Pre-School, Junior School Gym, Pantomimes, School Plays and Fund raising events.

The Charitable Objects are: "The Provision And Maintenance Of A Village Hall For The Use Of The Inhabitants Of The Parish Of Bradwell Without Distinction Of Political, Religious Or Other Opinions, Including Use For Meetings, Lectures And Classes, And For Other Forms Of Recreation And Leisure-Time Occupation, With The object Of Improving The Conditions Of Life For The Said Inhabitants."

The Hall Through The Years
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